We has pledged to educate out-of-school children and send them back to school according to their age bracket and stop drop out of students.We believe that every student can be a leader only a little effort is required to pull the trigger. Character building is an ever-needed efficacy. We are committed to providing opportunities for children to develop their potentials to be competent, caring, and responsible individuals who will contribute effectively to society. Students are our main focus to develop with a good character through our character-building education. Our training is meant to spark the ambitions of the young generation and to explore latent talent to lead the peer. Our psychological support training through recreational activities increases the student success rate and makes them able to transform their atmosphere and culture for safeguarding peace and harmony.

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Although the Right to Education act has been implemented none of the authorities can take responsibility, Ghost teachers are another question mark on the educational system.

Muhammad Muzamil

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